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Assets Securitisation & Reconstruction Services

1. Asset - Reconstruction

In a dynamic market scenario, dedicated focus on core business strengths is critical to the long term survival of any company. Likewise, Banks & Commercial Lenders would also like to unlock their precious capital resources from non-performing assets (NPAs). Asset Reconstruction services are aimed at assisting such clients in consolidating their focus and release the stuck-up resources through the routes of acquisition, divestitures, sell offs and joint ventures. The ultimate goal being the maximisation of economic returns from assets employed/to be employed or even ‘surplus’ to the needs of the business.

One of our strengths in this particular service lies in the large clientele across various industries and vast knowledge/ data base, which has been established by us over the years. This enables us to bring the right buyer and seller together and formulate a appropriate resolution strategy, after a detailed assessment of their individual requirements. We have also gained access to numerous opportunities available through our empanelment and dealings with several banks and asset reconstruction companies.

Our broad range of Asset Reconstruction Services include :

    • Identification of distress asset acquisition opportunities

    • Assessing synergies between the buyers and sellers

    • Asset valuation/ Business valuation

    • Due diligence & Resolution strategies

    • Fulfilling and assessing legalities

    • Interim Intellectual/ Business asset management

    • Arranging the lease/hire of business assets

    • Sourcing of surplus assets

    • Creation of an asset bank

2. Asset - Securitisation

MKM has  formed consortium of consultants to assist the banks and financial institutions &   lenders for enforcing security interest. and has also tied up with various agencies like Valuers, Technical experts, security advisors, accounting firms to render all professional services detailed hereunder under the “Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act 2002” under one roof.

Services for Enforcement of Security Interest

  • Initial Assessment & Survey of Assets

    • For determining viability, legal and other issues before issue of Notice.

  • Initial Legal Verification.

    • Verification of documents of debt (term loan, debenture, working capital etc.

    • Verification of registration of charges created with authorities.

    • Search of titles of the mortgaged properties with authorities.

  • Techno-Economic Study and Valuation.

    • For viable units

      • Techno-Feasibility Study to ascertain the viability and to ascertain whether its realizable value is greater than the scrap value.

      • Examine the option of Closure and Sale of part of the Assets

    • For non viable units

      • Preliminary assessment to evaluate chance of realising better value instead of scraping the Assets.

      • If not, to arrange for scrap sale of the Assets.

  • Takeover/ Possession of Assets
    • Serving of Demand Notice to defaulting units.

    • Taking over the possession of Assets with assistance of District Magistrate/ Metropolitan Magistrate if required.

    • Making Inventory of Assets together with experts like Surveyors, Valuers etc.

    • Verification of charges against Assets.

    • Verification of creditors claims against Fixed & Current Assets and that of other creditors.

  • Preservation, Maintenance, Safety & Security of Secured Assets

    • Arranging the Security and Safety Services.

    • Maintenance of assets in working condition to prevent loss of its value.

    • Attending to litigations arising during the course of enforcement.

    • Monitoring legal compliances under Industrial, Corporate, Fiscal and labour laws including civil and criminal matters.

  • Devising Strategy for Sale of Assets

    • Proactive Marketing of viable Assets to Potential buyers for realizing better value.

    • Bringing out its strategic value through Mergers/ Acquisitions.

  • Sale of Assets/ Transfer of Management

    • Arranging for merger and acquisition of impaired assets wherever possible and thus unlocking the hidden/ true value.

    • Auction of selected assets.

    • Sale through private negotiations.

    • Attending the post Sale Conveyence, Legal documentation, and Compliances work.

    • Transfering the management on agreed terms (if required covert part of the debt into equity ) to effect such transfer.


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