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NPA Management, Financial KPO & Accouting BPO

Retial Finance/Housing Finance

  • FI-(Field Investigation): File Verification of prospective Borrowers for Pre disbursement documents and Paper and forms .

  • PDD-(Post Disbursement Documents): Checking for receipt of documents such as Insurance Cover, Invoice, and R.C Book etc.

  • RVTV-(Resident Verification &Telephone Verification)

  • CPA-(Central Processing Agency Work)

  • DDD-(Document Due Diligence)

  • EMI- Checking of EMI cheques & amount and account wise as well as overall reconciliation.

  • Verification of assets under finance ,Signature  & I .Tax  etc.


B. NPA MANAGEMENT- Services to finance providers


  • Cross Verification of various Details and documents such as Income tax Returns with I.T Department, Audited Annual Reports with ROC and respective Chartered Accountants, and authorities viz. Sales Tax, Excise, RBI etc. where such reports are filed by Loanee Applicant.

Physical and other Verification of Details & proposed security offered by the Prospective Borrower.


At the time of enforcement of claims under various laws rules and regulations before DRT and other courts and judicial bodies proper and correct execution of documents as well as availability of details and papers with bank determine the extent of claims and consequent recovery of money from defaulters.

We professional can provide legal orientation, assistance and verification services.


We professional can play a vital role in tightening your bank’s credit Risks Management system by providing assistance in following areas which need attention on an ongoing basis:

  • Post Disbursement Verification, Inspection and Audit.

  • Periodical review & Verification of compliance of covenants of loan agreement and other conditions and SPOT AUDIT in case of large Advances.

  • Proper checking and analysis of various data, statements, reports submitted to bank by loanee and thereby assessment of financial position of company.

  • Providing professional opinions on various events at the end of Borrower.

  • Certification in respect of Insurance of secured assets.


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