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Corporate & Allied Economic Laws Consultancy And
Business & Capital Market Advisiory

1. Capital Market Advisory >> Public, Right Issues, Takeovers, Buy Back & Delisting Mergers , Amalgamations & Acquisitions 

  • Advise on purchase and sale of businesses and industrial units in India or outside India.

  • Advise on strategic investors, financial investors or a  combination  of both including cross borders M&A.

  • Assist in working out appropriate sale/buy strategies and negotiating  with the other party.

  • Assist in complying with business accounting and legal due diligences.

  • Conduct business research and analysis and advise on valuation of businesses  sought to be acquired, merged or sold.

  • Arrange necessary acquisition finance either from banks, institutions  and/or other lenders.


2. Business Advisory Services

  • Identification of joint venture partners, strategic partners and/or technical/ financial collaborator and negotiating with them.

  • Assisting in credit rating of debt instruments, Fixed Deposits and other rateable  instruments for long-term debt and short term papers.

  • Advising on methods to enhance the credit worthiness of such instruments  by  suitable Structured obligations.

  • Arranging external commercial borrowing

  • Arranging interest swap

  • Raising resources by mortgage of asset backed securities or and advise on legal and  financial issues connected with the same.

  • Advise on financial planning, capital and debt structuring and to reduce the overall financial cost to the benefit of the shareholders.

  • Advise companies on a more transparent and better business disclosure whether statutorily required or not.

  • Assist in Valuation of Companies, Businesses and Brands

  • Advise on Corporate Governance.

  • Advise on computerisation of accounts, inventory, billing etc.

  • Advise on Corporate Law matter.

  • Advise on management of Investment Fund.


3. Corporate & Allied Economic laws Consultancy Services

  1. Company Secretarial :
    Board Attendance, Capital Issues, Corporate Governance, Meetings Preparations, Liaison with Registrar of companies, Preparation  of Accounts &Reports, Maintenance of statutory registers, Stock exchange Compliances.

  2. Finance & Accounts :
    Project Financing, Taxation, Treasury Management, Computerised Accounting , MIS, Investment Portfolio Management ,Resource planning &  mobilisation.

  3. Legal Compliances:
    Company law ,Corporate laws ,Insurance Compliance, Commercial Law, Negotiable instrument Act, SEBI, Income tax ,P.F Act, ESI Act.

  4. Taxation:
    I.T Returns, Appeals, Search/Survey Handling & Planning, Excise record keeping &Routine Procedure, Sales tax ,CST Compliances, Post Financing Compliance such as Submission of CMA & MSOD, QIS, Stock & Book debts statements.

  5. Administration:
    Personnel Administration , Pay roll Monitoring.

  6.  Systems & Audits:
    Conceiving  & implementing Budgetary and Costing System . Internal/ /Company Secretarial audits of Public/ Pvt. ltd Companies, Banks, Corporations etc.

  7. Portfolio Management Consultancy

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